GIRDAC PDF Converter Standard

GIRDAC PDF Converter Standard 25.2

Converst PDF to DOC, PDF to DOCX, PDF to RTF,and PDF to XLSX file formats
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GIRDAC PDF Converter Standard is a software utility to convert PDF to DOC, PDF to DOCX, PDF to RTF, PDF to XLS and PDF to XLSX file formats. It converts scanned PDFs in English through OCR technology. It also converts Word document to PDF document.

PDF Converter Standard has six Layout options: Flowing, Continuous, Formatted text, Plain text, Images, and OCR. Flowing is the most preferred option because it allows to convert PDF documents retaining the format with text, columns, tables and images.

GIRDAC PDF Converter Standard is the first PDF Converter Standard that converts standardized PDF files in many languages. One can look at the converted PDF documents encompassing various categories and languages.

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